Certain things are difficult to explain in words.  The sensation you get when you are diving through fresh powder, racing down a steep mountain is one of them.

Skiing/Snowboarding is a sport to many people.  To some, it is so much more.  There is something about being up there in the mountains.  You can take the ski lift up to the same peak every morning and you will still be in awe seeing what surrounds you.

You are a minute existence amongst these big, mighty mountains which have been rooted on planet earth since over billion years ago.  We are only visitors who are lucky enough to be born in this era of such inventions and technology.  We can now stand over 3,000 metres above sea level in the weather condition that is impossible for most living organisms to survive.

It makes you feel small, so small and insignificant, yet so in control.  When you are riding, you have the world at your feet.

And of course, the adrenaline rush.

You know that feeling, when you are taking a few seconds standing still on your skis or your board and stare down at that steep drop in front of you?  That moment when you need all your concentration in the world to be there with you?  When all of a sudden you feel you are all by yourself and the only sound you can hear is your very own heart beats and deep breathing?

Then you shift your weight and you know there is no going back.


Angus in Paradiski (French Alps), the world's second largest ski-interconnection domain.
Angus in Paradiski (French Alps), the world’s second largest ski-interconnection domain.


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